Definitions for "QS-9000"
A quality management standard developed by the Big Three Automakers for the automotive sector. Currently largely replaced by Technical Specification 16949 (ISO/TS 16949, see listing).
QS-9000 is a quality system standard that focuses on helping automotive suppliers ensure that they are meeting/exceeding automotive customer requirements. As mentioned before, it uses ISO 9000 as a core (document control, corrective action, auditing, etc.), but adds quite a few additional requirements.
aka QS 9000 - A supplier development program developed by a consortium of chrysler/ford/general motors supplier requirement task force. The purpose of QS-9000 is to provide a common standard and a set of procedures for the suppliers of the three companies. QS-9000 quality system requirements for suppliers to daimler chrysler, ford and general motors will be obsolete the end of 2006, replaced by ISO/TS 16949.