Definitions for "Deselect"
To 'unchoose' an area so that any editing will affect the entire window rather than a selected area. How to deselect: Choose "Select None" from the Selections Menu Click anywhere within the window with the right mouse button
To change the status of a selected item, such as text or an icon, so that it is no longer selected. To deselect an item, select another, or click on the open area of the desktop or document. See Select.
(v.) In a window system, to remove the highlighting or some other visual cue from a previously selected object, such as removing the highlighting from an item in a list. If a widget is deselected, it is turned off.
Definition: To switch off a behavioral characteristic in a dialog. Usage: Normal text rules. Example: Deselect the Display tooltips option to switch off tooltips. Note: Do not use unselect when you refer to switching off a binary option. Do not use deselected for a binary option that is switched off. Use unselected instead.