Definitions for "lim"
(Linear Induction Motor) A launched coaster that uses magnetic forces to shoot riders out of the station.
LIM (Linear Induction Motor) is a form of electro-magnetic propulsion. They replace a traditional lift hill and do not contain any moving parts. Typically LIM systems launch the roller coaster from the station extremely quickly.
Linear Induction Motor. LIM's are electromagnets used to launch a coaster or boost it along its course.
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Inspired by Agile approach, LIM is an application used by Manager/Release Manager/Client/Developers/Testers to give at any time visibility on the project. LIM allows the Team to work in collaboration and integrates with different project tools.
Logistics Inventory Management
link interface module. A connection point for establishing port connections for network cables. Signals are translated to and from the physical link (optical or electrical), and sent through the LIC, through the backplane, and into the associated MSU3 card. Up to eight LIM cards plug into a single LIC, and the LIC plugs into the back side of the backplane. LIM cards are available to support DS3 and OC-3c link protocols. There are separate OC-3c LIM cards for single mode and multimode fiber cables. manager An SNMP application running on a network management workstation that provides a means for monitoring and managing devices on a network; the manager sends messages to and receives messages from the agent to accomplish this task.
Land information memorandum. a report issued by the council, usually to a potential purchaser. It lists information the council has about the property, including what building consents and code compliance certificates have been issued.
Land Information Memorandum - a report which can be requested from your local authority which provides information regarding the property - things like consents, rates owing, drainage and building plans.
Land Information Memorandum. Details contained on Council Property File relating to properties.
the upper limit of elements in a set. This is not a valid value; for all valid values f x, xxLim. xLim is equivalent to xLast+1; xLimxFirst is the dx which specifies the number of elements in the set. Thus, the following code is typical (cp is a type that is an implied index): for (cp=cpFirst,cpLim=cpFirst+dcp; cpcpLim; cp++)
Liquid Injection Molding. A process that involves an integrated system for proportioning, mixing, and dispensing dual-component liquid resin formulations and directly injecting the resultant mix into a mold which is clamped under pressure.
Liquid Injection Molding, refers to the processing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR).
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See Expanded memory.
EMS: Lotus, Intel, Microsoft Expanded Memory Specification (7/96)
A statistical model derived from multiple regression analysis of observed anomalies. LIM can be used to predict the variable(s) being analyzed.
Line Interface module - refers to a Scantronic 9500 processor.
a useful and dynamic educational resource that provides updated, current information for teachers, administrators, and educational personnel
A limb.