Definitions for "LSR"
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Local Service Request
See local standard of rest.
Local Shared Resources. A VSAM facility in which multiple files can share the same buffers and strings (control blocks).
The name of the device that implements the label switching.
label switch router. The role of an LSR is to forward packets in an MPLS network by looking only at the fixed-length label.
Label Switching Router. A device that forwards MPLS packets based on the value of a fixed-length label encapsulated in each packet.
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Liquid Silicone Rubber ^ zurÃ1/4ck zum Seitenanfang
Liquid Silicone Rubber, the silicone rubber utilized in the LIM(tm) process.
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Laser Scan Reader.  (CUTE Workstation Peripheral). Serial port device (gun or pen) that reads barcode data with a laser beam or CCD device.
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Line Service Record. This is the record provided by the phone company to our line vendors when ADSL services are ordered. The LSR will contain the number of the line (pair), the circuit number with the phone company, the Central Office name, last recorded line length, and any electronics issues. An example is below
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Late surrender.