Definitions for "BMC"
Bulk Molding Compound (Thermoset).
Bulk Molding Compound. Thermosetting resin mixed with strand reinforcement, fillers, and so on, into a viscous compound for compression or injection molding. See also sheet molding compound. See also - Sheet molding compound
Bulk Molding Compound: An intermediate material for compression or injection molding, thermosetting resin mixed with chopped fibers and / or fillers.
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broadcast/multicast control
Broadcast Management Center. A facility that contains the Satellite Broadcast Management functions. See also Transmit Broadcast Manager.
Commonly integrated into server system boards that support IPMI, a Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) normally features embedded functions, multiple interfaces, and a generous number of general purpose I/O pins. Other common features associated with a BMC would be a complete IPMI protocol stack with IPMB support for intra-chassis communications, as well as ICMB for inter-chassis communications.
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Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum - 6 volume series
British Museum Catalog
BMC is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in Turkey. It was formed in 1964 in partnership with the British Motor Corporation (also known as BMC) in Ä°zmir.
Compania Constructora Bechtel-McCone
Brake Manufacturers Council ( provides its members with current information relating to the brake industry and communicates with federal, state, and local government on the members' behalf.
Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Box Manufacturer's Certificate. A statement printed within a circular or rectangular border on a corrugated or solid fiberboard box guaranteeing that all applicable construction requirements of the carrier classification have been observed and identifying the box manufacturer.
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation
Branch Medical Clinic
Mountain Creek Branch Library
"Bureau of Medical Collections". The program within ORS which collects medical reimbursement from responsible third parties to both reimburse and avoid state Medicaid costs.
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bone mineral content
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