Definitions for "CMM"
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Capability Maturity Model. A model developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University that describes how organizations develop software. The model identifies five levels or steps organizations go through as they become more sophisticated in their use of process.. Level 1 organizations aren't effective in using processes. Level 5 organizations are mature in their use of process and routinely manage and improve processes. Most organizations fall between Level 2 and 3. We argue that the same general concepts that apply to software organizations apply to any organization that attempts to organize around business processes. (
See Capability Maturity Model
A software component that adjusts the numerical values that get sent to, or received from, different devices so that the perceived color they produce remains consistent. The "engine" in color management systems.
Centro de Modelamiento Matemá tico
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Certified Meetings Manager
Cluster Management Module. A Canopy device that controls the access points and connects them to a pipeline.
color management module. That component of a color manager that actually processes color data being input and output to the system in addition to the information about the devices stored in the device color profiles (DCPs).
Critical Mass Marketing-An EDI postimplementation program that searches for additional EDI trading partners in an effort to attain "critical mass," or that 20% of trading partners that typically comprises 80% of a company's business volume.
Coal Mine Methane - Methane content of 70%, considerably greater than the typical 45% in landfill gas
Cubic Meters per Minute. A measurement of airflow rate.
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Coordinate Measurement Machine
Commission for Marine Meteorology
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Commander, Order of Military Merit