Definitions for "SEI"
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The Software Engineering Institute ( SEI) is a federally funded (U.S.) research and development centre sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. The SEI and its founder, Watts Humphrey, created the CMM.
(Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, A federally funded research and development center that is under contract to Carnegie Mellon University and is devoted to the advancement of software engineering and the quality of software support systems.
Software Engineering Institute. SEI is a federally funded research and development center established in 1984 by the DoD with a broad charter to address the transition of software engineering technology. The SEI is an integral component of Carnegie Mellon University and is sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology. SEI developed the Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and the Checklist and Criteria for Evaluating the Cost and Schedule Estimating Capabilities of Software Organizations.
A company that sells scrapbooking papers and stickers, etc. habby Chic a style of scrapbooking that includes sanding, crumpling, and distressing paper to give an old and worn look to your page
Abbreviation for a US scrapbooking company.
Statewide Enterprise Intermediary. An SEI, sometimes referred to as a statewide microenterprise intermediary (SMI), is a strategy and/or structure designed to attract new, otherwise unavailable state-level funding to redeploy to microenterprise practitioners. In effect, an SMI becomes a statewide funder for practitioner organizations. Typically, an SMI develops in stages which can include planning, legal arrangement, capacity building, and full-blown intermediary-funder. Structurally, there is no single model for formalizing an intermediary, and its legal structure may evolve. One of the more important new SMI capacities is the assumption of "statewide intermediary functions."
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another name for a janya raaga
'natural magic'. Transformation or transference, for healing, sending, harming or moving through modes of time, based upon natural laws, cycles and functions. Commonly called shamanism or sorcery.
security enabling interface. The MQSeries interface to which customer- or vendor-written programs that check authorization, supply a user identifier, or perform authentication must conform. A part of the MQSeries Framework.
Specific Emitter Identification
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Sustainable Energy Ireland
You are self-employed if you operate a trade, business or profession, either individually or as a partner, and have net earnings of $400 or more in a taxable year.
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denotes a planet
Sleep Efficiency Index. Index to compare sleep to wakefulness. The higher the value, the more sleep the person achieves.