Definitions for "PMO"
Perturbation MO theory.
(Perturbation Molecular Orbital theory)
Material storage area and workshop. This is the place where all Metro do Porto rolling stock is stored overnight and during non-operational periods. Also, all service and repair work is carried out at this location. The PMO of Metro do Porto is located in Guifões, Matosinhos.
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A Provider Maintenance Organization is a state or federally authorized physician and/or hospital owned entity that owns an HMO. These entities typically enjoy a three year period of not having to come up with the minimum state mandated solvency capitalization required of traditionally licensed HMO's. They may also enjoy a start up period requiring lower reserve requirements (i.e. In GA a PHSCC, Federally a PSO).
Procurement Management Office
project management office(r)
Port Meteorological Officers
Post-menopausal osteoporosis