Definitions for "managing director"
A person who manages a busness though not the owner or chief executive.
The person in charge of the business and general non-artistic operations of a non-profit theatre, such as the Rep. This person also has some of the duties provided by a producer in commercial theatre since he or she is in charge of the fund-raising efforts required to make the artistic director's vision come to fruition. Our Managing Director is David Jobin.
Chief operating officer of the organization. The managing director manages day-to-day operations of the World Service Office, assists the Board of Trustees and serves as the corporate secretary of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.
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a member to ARELLO
This individual oversees all operations at a facility, including nursing staff and other certified care givers if applicable to the facility.
President (of a company)
chairman of the board; person with overall responsibility for how a company is run
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wage-packet (GB) - pay envelope (US)
someone who controls resources and expenditures
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