Definitions for "Diaper"
Any textile fabric (esp. linen or cotton toweling) woven in diaper pattern. See 2.
A towel or napkin for wiping the hands, etc.
To ornament with figures, etc., arranged in the pattern called diaper, as cloth in weaving.
An infant's breechcloth.
Another word for nappy.
American name for Nappy
Used under the engine to help prevent fluids and debris from causing a vehicle to lose stability in the event of a major engine component malfunction.
A blanket made from ballistic and absorbent material that surrounds part of the engine and serves as a containment device during accidents and engine malfunctions.
a garment made of absorbent material(s), worn between the baby's legs and fastened at the waist, to contain excretions
an effective deterrent to masturbation
Surface decoration of any sort which consists of the constant repetition of one or more simple figures or units of design evenly spaced.
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To put a diaper on (a child).