Definitions for "Shortcuts"
Keywords:  ctrl, icon, desktop, clinking, taskbar
A shortcut provides a faster way of completing a task. Common shortcuts can include a favourites list for websites, desktop icons for opening programs or folders, and using different keys on a keyboard to perform predefined tasks, for example using "Ctrl" plus "C" to "copy" an object.
Key strokes that enact the same commands available in the menus of a program. They are quicker and more direct, and usually involve two or three keys depressed simultaneously. An example is the save shortcut: CTRL + on a PC or + on a Mac. To learn more, click here.
an icon on the desktop or taskbar that gives users one button access to frequently used software applications.
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are small files that hold information about where a file is located. Clicking on a shortcut causes the file by the same name to open up.