Definitions for "Denied"
After applying to a program, if the program administrator rejects your application, they will change your status for that program to denied. You will lose any commissions you may have generated while under consideration.
The claim was rejected by the Do it Best Corp. claims department. A notification indicating the reason for the rejection will be sent by email, fax or mail.
One of three things that may happen to your case after your interview (granted, denied, or continued). If your application is denied, you have not met the eligibility requirements for naturalization.
This term refers to a failed attempt to access a Web site. For the most part this occurs because the user is not authorized to access the site, i.e., his access has been "blocked." However, a "denied" indication can also be caused by technical anomalies, e.g., "page not found by server", etc. Domain. A "name" that is part of a URL (Web site address). More readable and memorable than a numerical address.
The fee for a procedure or service is denied and chargeable to the patient because the procedure or service is not a benefit of the patient's plan. The fee charged is not payable by Delta Dental, but is collectable from the patient.
Information may not have been properly entered or account is bad.