Definitions for "Rejects"
Fiber which is unacceptable because of poor color, tenderness, seeds, burrs, kempiness, stains, lumps and tufts.
Keywords:  repulped, pulp, ach, discarded, batch
Any ACH batch file that has not been accepted by an ACH Operator because it cannot be processed, usually because of a technical error.
That portion of a sample after preparation that is not part of the pulps fraction.
Material created in paper making and refinement which is removed and discarded during the cleaning of pulp/stock; usually used as repulped
Undesired materials from ore disintegration.
In assaying, crushed or ground material in excess of what is needed for assaying; usually stored or returned to the client.
Keywords:  misread, micr, pocket, sent, due
An item or items that are generally sent to a reject pocket due to misread micr information.