Definitions for "Policy Conditions"
( conditions de la police) The conditions under which the insurance is written. Policy conditions are generally set out in the special part of the policy under some such heading as "policy conditions," or "special conditions" or "statutory conditions." They deal generally with the arrangement between the insured and the insurance company in such matters as how the insurer shall be notified of a claim, special limits of liability or trustee agreements, the rights to other insurance without notice, assignments, subrogation, etc.
Actions that the insured must take, or continue to take, for the insurance policy to remain in force and the insurance company to process a claim. For example, the insured must pay the premiums when due, notify the insurance company as soon as possible in the case of an accident, and cooperate with the company in defense of the insured on case of liability suit.
the terms and conditions of the worldwide health insurance purchased.
The 'small print' of a policy, which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.