Definitions for "DOWNLOADING"
The process of sending configuration parameters, operating software or related data from a central source to remote stations.
Saving a file, such as a MP3 file posted on a Website. Or copying an MP3 file from your PC to a portable player.
When you download a document you are saving it on your computer
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Copying a part or all of the data stored in the mass memory of a control unit or in the memory of a smart card. During the download process, none of the stored data is modified or deleted.
The process by which an Inmarsat C MES receives information from a service provider. For data reporting purposes, an operational centre downloads a DNID code and Member Number to the MES. In the EGC FleetNETTM service, an information provider downloads an EGC Network Identification (ENID) code to an MES.
The removal of some of the warheads from a multiple independently-targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) ballistic missile. Under the START I Treaty, both the United States and the Soviet Union can reduce the number of warheads attributed to intercontinental ballistic missiles and sea-launched ballistic missiles following treaty downloading procedures.
The act of transmitting channel lineups and program listings through television broadcast signals to TV Guide On Screen receivers built into consumer televisions and VCRs.
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Process of programming a terminal via modem from Zon Talk to the terminal.
A calculated reduction in actual payload to provide a margin of safety.
Transmission of content to a user's hard drive in non-real time, for later viewing. It overcomes the problem of low access speeds but downloading can take a long time for certain types of content such as high resolution video.