Definitions for "Business Transaction"
a real world interaction, usually between an enterprise and a person, where something is exchanged
a set of business information and business signal exchanges amongst partners that occurs in an agreed upon format and sequence
a specialized protocol used to achieve and support enforceable transaction semantics and state alignment between collaborating parties
A predefined set of business activities that are initiated by an organization to accomplish an explicitly shared business goal and terminated upon recognition of one of the agreed conclusions by all the involved organizations although some of the recognition may be implicit.
a unit of work initiated by the Driver and may involve one or more ECtransactions and/or Web Interactions
The occurrence of an economic event or a condition that must be recorded in the accounting records.
a financial event that affects the resources of a business
An economic event that changes the financial position of an organization; often takes the form of an exchange of economic consideration (such as goods, services, money, or rights to collect money) between two parties.
The smallest unit of a business activity. Refers to both University administrative and commercial activities. Within the context of email, the email becomes a record when it is transmitted (i.e sent).(AS 4390 Part 1 Clause 4.27)