Definitions for "Business type"
Businesses are defined by a business type depending on the type of registration performed. The applicable business types are: Medicaid Provider - enrolled as a Medicaid provider Payee - enrolled as a payee for a Medicaid provider Other Business - Not a Medicaid provider or payee
The legal structure of the business. Types include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S Corporation, C Corporation, or Limited Liability Company.
Each Listing in the Qualidex directory must have at least one business type associated with it which describes in general terms the goods or services provided by the business. There are over 350 business types to choose from, ranging from Actors and Actresses to Zoological and Botanical Gardens and everything in between. Note that some business types are not strictly businesses as they encompass such subjects as local government services and voluntary sector groups.
A listing of various kinds of businesses on the Mediabids site, used to help search for advertisers.