Definitions for "FOB"
Free On Board. A shipping term which indicates that the supplier pays the shipping...
Freight on board. Point at which responsibility for freight transfers from consignor to consignee; may be shipper's dock, receiver's dock or alternate specified address as agreed upon.
Clause in international trade whereby the buyer undertakes to pay all the costs incurred when the goods are placed at the port of embarkation.
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A little pocket for a watch; -- callled also a watch pocket.
a short chain or ribbon attached to a pocket watch, usually worn hanging out of the watch pocket, and used to conveniently remove the watch from the watch pocket.
A short chain with a decorative seal or other device attached to the end. The fob and chain hung outside watch pocket, and could be used to pull the watch out of the pocket.
FOB is a 1981 Obie Award-winning play by American playwright David Henry Hwang. Hwang's first play, it depicts the contrasts and conflicts between established Asian Americans and "Fresh Off the Boat" newcomer immigrants. The play was developed by the O'Neill Playwrights Center and premiered in 1981 Off-Broadway at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre.
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ront oard. An audience tape in which the microphones were positioned somewhere between the stage and the soundboard. (In contrast, official tapers' sections are usually behind the soundboard). Because the microphones are closer to the stage and house sound system, FOB tapes can often sound better than tapes made from the Official Tapers Section (OTS). See also BTP.
To cheat; to trick; to impose on.
deceive somebody; "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week"
The device (introduced in 2004) used to unlock doors and start the hybrid system. By default, it works as a wireless remote for unlocking and is inserted into a slot in the dashboard for starting. As an option, it can be upgraded to control the SKS (formally known as SE/SS) feature. And note that there is actually a traditional key within which can be used for unlocking the driver's door manually.
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To beat; to maul.
FOB price spread at Friday close
FOB price spread for the week
Fundamental Operating Budget. The total amount of money required to pay for current-year programs, staffing and services at next year's prices -- i.e., what the next year's budget would be if the current year's budget were simply "rolled over."
The abbreviation of Faculty Office Building which houses most of the offices of the Modern Language Professors as well as the language lab.
An occasional compressed form of f.o.b.. Source: econterms
"Front-of-the-book", the beginning pages of a magazine, usually consisting of shorter editorial material, such as columns and departments.
A key fob is a medallion used to identify a key ring or used as a starting place on a ring, frequently given as an advertising item.
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forward operations base
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Forward Operating Base
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Family Owned Businesses