Definitions for "Video game"
a game played against a computer
a computer game dominated by the Sega Genesis early on after its classify by genre than films music or books ClassicGaming
a game played using an electronic artists, programmerss, sound designers, musicians, and other technicians
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An electronic form of opium, consumed by stony-eyed young addicts either at home or in dark communal dens, where their families occasionally must venture to retrieve them.
an interactive entertainment experience
One of the most popular and most widely recognized computer graphic applications, available in video arcades and home entertainment software.
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a visceral reaction
a refuge of simplicity by comparison -- even though the upside is so much more limited
a huge undertaking, and the audio can -- and often does -- suffer if it isn't of primary concern right from the outset
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a form of media, but one thing you must remember is that there are media formats that go into them
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a story being planned but not completed
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a user interface so good that people will pay money to use it