Definitions for "Formats"
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We use a wide range of formats for publishing our books, the formats chosen will depend on the type of book being published, and the most appropriate layout for the material in the book. Textbooks often require large formats with wide margins for students to make notes. Standard British book sizes include Demy Octavo - 216x138mm Royal Octavo - 234x156mm Wide Royal Octavo - 234x165mm Crown Quarto 246x189mm
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Concepts for works, most commonly seen in television and film, bought and sold for appreciable sums, despite the legal principle that there is no copyright in ideas. Zeccola v. Universal City Studios Inc. (1982) 46 ALR 189
a type of familiar play or care routine within which carers constructively support a child's language development. See language acquisition support system (LASS).
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The standards for storing (recording) data on a DVD disc.
outlets where to the customer's eye the business trades without any overt branding or badging but the customer offer and operating template are managed to defined standards.
Refers to the context in which a smoking cessation intervention is delivered. May be either self-help, individual counseling, or group counseling.
File types associated with the different streaming media platforms. fps: Frames per second
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Output mask
You use formats to control a report's appearance. You can specify both the static text and the variables that will be displayed in the report. Chapter 11, "Creating Reports," shows you how to create reports.
All formats to include print, non-print, graphical, audio, video, multimedia, and web-based. Multimedia and web-based products combine two or more of these elements in an interactive format.