Definitions for "ACB"
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Access method Control Block. An area in main storage, used by VSAM and VTAM. In the case of VSAM the ACB is used to describe the data set being accessed, and certain processing options.
Access Control Block. A control block used to manage access to a VSAM data set (file), a VTAM network or a TCAM network.
Asynchronous Communications Board is used to interface a 6809 Controller to the Zone Controller. It is also used to interface Simulcast Remote Site Controllers to a Prime Site Controller.
Adjusted Cost Base. An asset's original purchase price plus any allowable expenses (according to the Income Tax Act) related to the asset's purchase. To determine the capital gain/loss, subtract the asset's ACB, plus all allowable costs to sell or dispose of the asset, from the selling price.
See adjusted cost basis.
adjusted cost basis. A measure of the cost of a life insurance policy at a given time.
Anti-Corruption Bureau
Advertising Checking Bureau. A profit-making organization specializing in the verification of co-op advertising and sending tearsheets to general or national advertisers.
AIR CIRCUIT BREAKER. This piece of equipment isolates faulted lines and protects the substation. Air is used to extinguish the arc caused by the switch opening.
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anterior cross bite neck lesion
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American Council for the Blind
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Refers to Account Cash Balance.