Definitions for "Core Group"
The core group can consist of professionals from all agencies and services. It meets at more regular intervals than the child protection review conference. The core group is responsible for developing the child protection plan and implementing it with the key worker. The core group should include the key worker, family members and professionals or foster carers who have direct and regular contact with the family, and possibly the child.
a group of individuals who lead the mobilization effort on behalf of the community. Also referred to as the community team.
core group: 1 referring to the main group of people who work with the I AM University, the ascension teachings of the Ascended Masters brought forth by Dr. Joshua David Stone 2 also referring to the Core Group of Masters that overlight the I AM University.
an informal collection of believers who are exploring the possibility that God may be calling them together to plant an Orthodox Presbyterian church.
The nucleus of those people/organizations who are most important to any process from the perspective of creativity, representation, authority and power.
a new term introduced by the HA Manager component