Definitions for "ASB"
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Aviation Support Branch
aviation support battalion
The Usenet newsgroup Has been superceded by soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.
The authoritative committee that identifies generally accepted auditing standards.
Abbreviation for Actuarial Standards Board.
APPRAISAL STANDARDS BOARD. An independent board of the APPRAISAL FOUNDATION, which writes, amends, and interprets USPAP. The ASB is composed of up to seven appraisers appointed by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The ASB holds public meetings throughout the year to interpret and amend USPAP.
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American Saddlebred
Australian Savings Bond. A superseded form of fixed-interest coupon bond, cashable on thirty days' notice after an initial holding period.
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Alert Service Bulletin
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Anti-social behaviour
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Asynchronous balanced mode.
The alternative service book. The prayer book used by the Church of England. It contains the order for all the services. It also contains many prayers.
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Aggregated Schools Budget.
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automatic status back
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Associated Student Body