Definitions for "white paper"
An educational report made available to the public that expounds on a particular industry issue.
This term has historically been used to describe a report that states the ...
A detailed or authoritative report.
A plain, white paper booklet up to around 30 pages (usually) that discusses technical issues (usually related to a specific company).
Statement of policy issued by government. White papers often form the basis of new legislation and are usually preceded by a consultative green paper.
an article that states an organization's position or philosophy about a social, political, or other subject, or a not-too-detailed technical explanation of an architecture, framework, or product technology
a branded IDC document, delivered in PDF format
a brief document describing a technology area (usually in terms of a problem) and how a company's products or services can address that problem
an important weapon in the marketing arsenals of technology companies
an informational piece of writing that falls somewhere between a product brochure and an academic study
a page piece whose production values fall between a manual and a brochure
a term used in business for a classy sales pitch that provides invaluable information to the consumer
a document, usually a few pages long, that states your company's position on how a problem should be solved
a way to make a deposit before you make a withdrawal -- with useful, problem solving information
an educational piece that explains what people should and shouldn't do in your neck of the woods
a substantial investment in research and writing time
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