Definitions for "Mathematics"
That science, or class of sciences, which treats of the exact relations existing between quantities or magnitudes, and of the methods by which, in accordance with these relations, quantities sought are deducible from other quantities known or supposed; the science of spatial and quantitative relations.
Study of everything that is too theoretical and abstract for humans to understand.
(1) A study of relationships among numbers, shapes, and patterns. Mathematics is used to count and measure things, to discover similarities and differences, to solve problems, and to learn about and organize the world.
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Mathematics was the first mini-album released by the British Indie Rock band The Servant. It came out in 1999, being the first of a double album, together with With the Invisible which came out in 2000. It contained 6 tracks and totalled 25 minutes length.
"Mathematics" is a b-side single from Mos Def's solo debut album, Black on Both Sides. It contains lyrics about various social issues and asks the listener to add them up and come to conclusions about them. Many references to numbers are found in this song and at times, Mos Def rhymes statistics in numerical order.
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Blackinton, Dixie 626-7198
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Mathematics, also known as Allah Mathematics, (born: Ronald M. Bean is a hip hop producer and DJ for the Wu-Tang Clan. He is known for his distinctly traditional Wu-Tang sound (in contrast to main Clan producer RZA's constant experimentation and evolution).
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an integral part of a general education