Definitions for "Quantification"
Modification by a reference to quantity; the introduction of the element of quantity.
the act of discovering or expressing the quantity of something
Reducing everything in a game down to numbers (strength, movement allowance, damage value, range, morale, and so forth). Most analog games use quantification and can often be boiled down to enjoyable mathematics exercises. All computer games use quantification since that is all a digital processor can command (numbers).
Refers to Quantification Settlement Agreement, a proposed agreement among Metropolitan Water District, Coachella Valley Water District and Imperial Irrigation District to settle a variety of long-standing disputes regarding the priority, use and transfer of Colorado River water within California.
an integral component and should be straightforward and inexpensive without sacrificing precision or sensitivity
the process whereby the concentration of extracted DNA in a sample is measured, and the second of five stages in the PCR/STR analysis process.
a limitation imposed on the variables of a proposition (as by the quantifiers `some' or `all' or `no')