Definitions for "IMG"
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No closing tag. Index Definition: Image Description: Includes an image in the document.
Digital Research's DOS/Windows data-format which supports grayscale and 2, 4, 16, or 256 color graphics. Files, such as those created by Ventura Publisher have a filename extension of: . IMG. (These correspond to Ventura Publisher's . GEM files on DOS/Windows systems.
specifies an image file to be loaded with a Web Page. Example:IMG SRC = "Icons/ALS_ivy_banner.gif" ALIGN=TOP The ALIGN attribute tells the browser to begin displaying adjoining text at the top, middle, or bottom right of the graphic. The SRC (source) attribute is followed by the full name of the graphic file with complete path.
It is a hierarchical structure that reflects the R/3 component hierarchy and contains every configuration activity. Released from version 3.0 onwards.
Implementation Guide Hierarchical structure reflecting the R/3 component hierarchy and contains all configuration activities.
Implementation Management Guide
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IMG is a low level tool to read/write/verify disks/floppies under DOS. It can save/restore a disk to/from a file and copy them. Its maybe like dd under Linux. The goal is to have a little free tool, which maybe helps you a bit.
IMG is an image/iso of a DVD, CD, Floppy. Burn it to a DVD or CD with DVD Decrypter or extract the content with Isobuster or mount it as a virtual DVD/CD unit with Daemon Tools.
(File extension: .img) A file used to make a sector-by-sector copy of a disk.
International Medical Graduates
Internal Medicine Group - Campus
International Medical Graduate
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Injection Molded Graphite cones material used in JBL Beta Series Drivers. This material injects carbon fiber in the cone in a special radial pattern improving cone stiffness.
Interferometric Monitor for Greenhouse Gases
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Intelligent Media Gateway
Information Management group
Independent marketing group