Definitions for "Imagemap"
An HTML construct identified by the ISMAP tag, an imagemap is a graphical image that has an associated map file that lets users select links by clicking on certain portions of the image.
Graphic elements on a Web page that have in them two or more HyperLinks. Allows areas of an image to be linked to specific Internet resources via URL's. See also clickable imagemap.
Image s which have specified areas that are hyper link ed to another page or service. Click s on different portions of the image go to different links. All browser s that can display images support server-side imagemaps; newer browsers also support client-side imagemaps, which resolve more quickly and can provide more feedback to the user.
Keywords:  subdivided, smaller, single, parts
a single image subdivided in many smaller parts
a bitmap that includes selectable areas within it
a single image with selectable regions that are associated with URLs
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the state of a woman's abdomen after child-birth
Keywords:  tell, server, control, file, web
an image that uses a control file to tell the web server