Definitions for "Image Map"
Also called a clickable image. An image containing areas that have been defined to act as hypertext links. There are two types of image maps; Server side and client side (CSIM). A "clickable" inline image that takes you to a different link, depending on which part of the image you click on.
An image map is a set of hyperlinks attached to areas of an image and if included within the web page, the search engines should have no problem following the links. As an added precaution, be sure to provide text links as well for those users accessing the web with graphics switched off or using text only browsers.
A bitmap graphic containing hotspot regions used to navigate to other web pages or other Internet sites. Client-side image map: An image map where the hotspots are defined within the HTML file containing the link to the image. Server-side image map: an image map where the hotspots are defined in a different file, called a MAP file.
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a normal image which is sliced up using co-ordinates
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a sort of program
a navigational tool that can take users from one location on the Web to another, or to another location within the same site
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Index structure