Definitions for "Castor"
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A genus of rodents, including the beaver. See Beaver.
A hat, esp. one made of beaver fur; a beaver.
scent from the gland of a beaver
the northernmost of the two bright stars in the constellation Gemini, the other being Pollux.
a multiple star with 6 components; second brightest in Gemini; close to Pollux
Castor (α Gem / α Geminorum / Alpha Geminorum) is the second brightest star in the constellation Gemini and one of the brightest stars in the nighttime sky. Although it has the Bayer designation "alpha", it is actually fainter than Beta Geminorum (Pollux).
See Caster, a small wheel.
Tilting of steering axis forward or backward to provide directional steering ability. Positive castor is recommended in drag racing.
Angle between an imaginary vertical line drawn through the wheel centre and a line through the kingpin or its equivalent, as seen in side elevation.
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The CERN Advanced STORage manager is designed to handle the huge storage requirements of LHC. The main storage for data is tape, handled by robots. Any data that you want to access needs to be mounted ('staged') onto an experiment owned scratch or stage area ('pool'), which you can then use from your jobs. If you have an account at CERN, you can find your private CASTOR space under /castor/ Full details are at the CASTOR project site, where you'll find user manuals etc. See Also LSF.
The CASTOR Project stands for CERN Advanced STORage Manager, and its goal is to handle LHC data in a fully distributed environment. See
a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar
A small vessel with a perforated top from which one casts or sprinkles sugar or condiments such as pepper. A castor set is a matching group of castors, which, together with cruets, form a condiment set.
English term for superfine granulated sugar.
Castor was an American indie rock/emo band from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Formed in 1994, they were known for their "fluid" sound, often changing time signatures several times in a song while maintaining the flow of the music. They released two albums, the first self titled in 1995, the second Tracking Sounds Alone posthumously in 1998.
A variety of the mineral called petalite, from Elba.
Has synonym name Geilweilerhof B-7-2. Variety reported as derived from a (Oberlin 595)F1 x Foster 's White Seedling cross recommended for white wine production. No other details as yet.
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Forested homeworld of the Castori.
A heavy quality of broadcloth for overcoats.
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The container used to transport nuclear waste.
CASTOR is the acronym for Cask for storage and transport of radioactive material it is a type of cask used to store spent nuclear fuel (a type of nuclear waste).
middleware software which provides a mechanism to persist Java objects and recover Java objects from the persisted data
Castor is an open source data binding framework for moving data from XML to Java programming language objects and from Java to databases.
class instance method collaboration constants current date
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Castoreum. See Castoreum.