Definitions for "SWB"
Short Wheel Base. This refers to the distance between the front and back wheels of a vehicle. Sometimes manufacturers offer a variety of lengths on a single model. This abbreviation is used to help differentiate between them.
Short-Wheelbase 33"-47" (crankset high and in ahead of front wheel).
wheelbase cuts.
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Seawater battery system, developed by Kongberg Simrad Ltd., Norway, consisting of cells, a DC/DC converter, the PCS, an accumulator, and the DL.
Shallow water blackout. Caused by a dramatic reduction in the partial pressure of oxygen during an ascent, leading to hypoxia. As a result, the freediver experiences unconsciousness. There are no indicators to predict the onset of SWB.
The fraction of the porosity containing clay mineral associated irreducible water.
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Southwest Border.