Definitions for "SHIMS"
Pieces of thin sheet metal pressed into clay models to divide them into smaller sections so that the plaster molds may be made in pieces.
Small steel plates used for leveling base plates or for packing between structural members.
thin, steel, round, flat washers used to exert resistance on the oil flow through a piston. A series of shims (valve stack or valving) with varying outer diameters and thicknesses are arranged in sequence to provide a damping affect.
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Wedge shaped pieces of wood used between frame and rough opening to adjust and stabilize a door or window system.
A split repaired in a piece of wood veneer.
Wood wedges (often wood shingles) used to secure the window or door unit in the rough or masonry opening in a square, level and plumb position during and after installation.
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(See Spacers).
Manufacturers of shims and shim stock; including plastic shims & aluminum shim stock.