Definitions for "Planishing"
The final hammer work done on a piece. Anywhere from 1000-10000 hammer strokes are required to provide a smooth, even layer of faceted hammer marks ready for sanding and polishing. Additionally, if the piece is not to be heat-treated, then a complete planishing lends a good hammer-hardening to the piece, helping it to resist deforming under the stress of combat. See also Chronique: The Journal of Chivalry #6.
The use of a hammer with a smooth, slightly convex head to remove the marks left on an object by the raising process. This is a finishing, not a shaping, technique.
hammering the surface of sheet metal to smooth and work harden it
A finishing operation used to obtain closer tolerances and a smoother surface on a round workpiece.
a. & vb. n. from Planish, v. t.