Definitions for "Weston"
Weston GO Station is a GO Transit railway station on the Georgetown line. It is located at 39 John Street in the community of Weston in Toronto, near Lawrence Avenue West and Weston Road.
Weston, or Weston Road, is a Vivastation on York Region's Viva bus rapid transit system, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It opened on October 16, 2005, at the intersection of Weston Road and Highway 7 in Vaughan, Ontario. It is on the Viva Orange line and the Viva Purple line as well during peak periods.
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Weston was a punk rock band hailing from Bethlehem, PA. Founded in 1990, they took their name from singer Dave Weston's family, since his parents allowed them to practice in their basement. The band went through several shifts in members and musical styles in the eleven years they were together, some with much more fanfare than others.
a town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts
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