Definitions for "Jon"
Keywords:  priveleges, seabass, cuz, slay, hacking
(n) - Nickname for a server admin or other server member with admin priveleges who can kick/ban/slay another player "Somebody call and wake up Jon cuz these guys are hacking!" "SeaBass, do you think you could pick a server will a few more jons in it???"
One of my oldest and youngest online friends. Oldest in that I met him within six months of when I started MOOing. Youngest in that he turned nineteen less than I month before I started this journal, which makes him, well, a fair bit younger than I am. All of which is largely irrelevant as he's also one of my closest friends. (10/2002) He's in grad school contemplating a thesis topic as well as being recently married so he doesn't have much time for that online stuff these days, but he's also incredibly happy. More power to him.
Keywords:  mande, slave
Mande: slave.
Keywords:  pajon, pancake, batter, onion, fried
Batter-fried vegetables, meat, or fish. Pajon -- green onion pancake -- is the best known of many varieties.
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Judgement Of Need.