Definitions for "Ring network"
A network topology in which all networking devices are linked in a ring. This topology is used by protocols including Token Ring, and the maximum cable length allowed in this topology is much greater than the values for other network topologies.
Network topology in which each node is connected to two adjacent nodes to form a continuous ring configuration. Used particularly in the context of local area networks.
A network topology in the form of a closed loop or circle. Each node in the network is connected to the next, and messages move in one direction around the system. When a message arrives at a node, the node examines the address information in the message. If the address matches the node's address, the message is accepted; otherwise the node regenerates the signal and places the message back on the network for the next node in the system. It is this regeneration that allows a ring network to cover much greater distances than star and bus networks. Ring networks normally use some form of token-passing protocol to regulate network traffic.
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