Definitions for "Subsistence"
That which furnishes support to animal life; means of support; provisions, or that which produces provisions; livelihood; as, a meager subsistence.
a means of surviving; "farming is a hard means of subsistence"
pertaining to the survival or continued existence of; means of support or livelihood.
The means of obtaining food and other items necessary for basic existence.
methods of procuring food.
minimal (or marginal) resources for subsisting; "social security provided only a bare subsistence"
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Same as Hypostasis, 2.
Producing just enough to maintain life.
a means of keeping alive; just enough to keep alive with nothing leftover or surplus.
Growing just enough food for your own needs with nothing left over to sell.
the growing of crops to feed oneself and family, with a little left over for sale.
life at the lowest economic level at which people are prepared to live, work and raise a family. At any lower level, people (for example, street people or beggars) cannot live and will not work or raise a family. Early economists taught that all wages would eventually settle at the subsistence level.
Daily travel expenses covering meals, taxes, tips for meals and incidental expenses.
The monthly stipend provided by your contract to cover living expenses during your program.
Asylum seekers applying for support from the government can apply for accommodation only, cash only or both accommodation and cash and stay with their sponsors. This request for cash is called applying for subsistence.
Real being; existence.
the state of existing in reality; having substance
That mode of existence in virtue of which a thing is self-contained and autonomous in its operations.
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Inherency; as, the subsistence of qualities in bodies.