Definitions for "Algorithm"
The art of calculating by nine figures and zero; computation with Arabic figures.
the Arabic system of numeration.
The art of calculating with any species of notation; as, the algorithms of fractions, proportions, surds, etc.
Recommended patient management strategies designed to direct decision making, such as a structured flowchart, decision tree, or decision grid. Often algorithms are used in areas in which rapid decision making is required, e.g., emergency department.
A flowchart or diagram representing decision points and alternative (treatment) pathways to achieve an objective or set of objectives.
A structure, basic scheme or pattern used for software, process or decision functions.
A method of performing an arithmetic operation.
Method of representing the processing, or control structures, required in a software solution. Common methods are pseudocode, Nassi-Schneidermann (N-S) diagrams, flow charts, Input-Process-Output (IPO) charts.
The method used to encrypt a file.
a plan for the manipulation of data within a computer.
a computer program analysis that helps interpret the raw radar data more efficiently.
a set of equations incorporated into diving computers in order to compute nitrogen uptake and elimination from changes in depth and elapsed time.
(1) Software delivered to the SDPS by a science investigator (PI, TL, or II) to be used as the primary tool in the generation of science products. The term includes executable code, source code, job control scripts, as well as documentation. (2) A prescription for the calculation of a quantity; used in Earth system science to derive physical or biological properties from observations and to facilitate calculation of state variables in models. Source: ECS.
In cryptography an algorithm is the process used to transfer a piece of plain text into ciphertext. Depending on whether it relies on a secret key being pre-shared between the parties referred to as symmetric (where both parties must know the encryption key prior to communications commencing) or asymmetric (where a PKI system is used to generate a key as required.)
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Alias Aliasing
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A process that reduces the size of a graphics file. Sometimes, the more you compress, the less detail you have. Examples of compression algorithms include .LZW and .JPG.
In the C++ programming language, algorithm is a standard header containing numerous algorithms. All algorithms are in the std namespace.
(95) - indicates the presence of an algorithm. For materials about algorithms, see CINAHL subject heading: ALGORITHMS.
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Alt text and alt attribute
An automatic signal-processing strategy that varies the way in which multiple antenna elements are employed as a function of operational scenarios.
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A series of moves. Used to achieve a desired change in the positioning of the individual pieces of the cube.
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See link state algorithm and routing vector algorithm.
A fixed process which, if carried out systematically, produces a desired result.