Definitions for "NDS"
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The NetWare 4.1 database of network information. It defines every object on the network, such as users, groups, printers, print queues, servers, and volumes. All NetWare 4.1 servers on a network share a single NDS database. This way, you only have to create a user or other object once on the network; each server will recognize that same object. You can then allow that user to access different servers simply by granting him or her the appropriate rights to the necessary volumes on each server. The user doesn't have to log in to each server separately.
New Drug Submission, a document containing all preclinical, clinical and chemistry, manufacturing and control data collected on a drug. An NDS is submitted to the TPD in order to obtain approval to market a prescription drug in Canada.
Network Directory Services. A relational database distributed across a entire network. Used to login, authenticate, and provide network permissions and access for a NetWare network.
National Design Specification for Wood Construction, a publication of the American Forest & Paper Association (AFPA) providing an appendix of lumber sizes, grades, species and allowable stresses.
National Deliquency Survey
National Data Set for Compensation Based Statistics (issued by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission)
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Nintendo DS. Basically a Game Boy Advance with two screens, one on each side of the flip-fold case. It can do 3-D though, whereas a GBA can’t, so in that sense I suppose it’s more like a portable N64.
Node Display Setup: defines informatio which is displayed at tree nodes.
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Neutral drive switch
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