Definitions for "Mount point"
Keywords:  filesystem, afs, mnt, cdrom, directory
A disk or network drive is ``mounted'' into the file system at a mount point, which looks like a directory, e.g. /mnt/cdrom.
a directory in a file system that corresponds to the root directory of some other file system
a directory in a first filesystem on one device (such as your hard disk) but which contains a second filesystem, perhaps on another device (such as a floppy disk)
A string used to identify a live stream, which can be a relayed movie stream, a nonrelayed movie stream, or an MP3 stream. Mount points that describe live movie streams always end with an .sdp extension.
A designated partition on the streaming server dedicated to a specific client or application.
A mount point is the unique part of the URL for linking to a stream. Example:
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See mount.