Definitions for "DLC "
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Direct lift control
Digital Line Control
Data Link Connection. Half duplex data channel (one way) - from the user connection to a frame relay network. Combining DLC's from each user provides full-duplex communications ability, aka Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC).
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DLC is a compact utility that allows loading of shared libraries with C++ classes at runtime in an elegant and convenient way. It has been tested on a Linux platform with gcc
Driver License Compact
Depository Library Council. A fifteen member council serving as an advisor to the Public Printer. DLC members are appointed to represent the interests of all librarians responsible for federal depository libraries. Meetings are open and occur twice per year. DLC has a homepage at:
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Distance Learning Centre
Departments, Labs, and Centers
Distance Learning Center.
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Dubai Logistics City
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A type of concentrator, also called a remote concentrator or remote terminal. Traditional DLCs are not interoperable with some of the new DSL offerings, including ADSL and SDSL.
Telecommunications transmission technology which multiplexes multiple individual voice circuits onto copper or fiber cables.
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Dual listed company
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Digital loop carrier