Definitions for "Coma"
A state of profound insensibility from which it is difficult or impossible to rouse a person. See Carus.
Loss of a person's ability to consciously interact with the environment.
Unconsciousness from which one cannot be aroused.
The envelope of a comet; a nebulous covering, which surrounds the nucleus or body of a comet.
An aberration that occurs in a lens when rays emanating from points not on the optical axis do not converge, causing the image of a point to appear comet-shaped.
A common aberration in short focal length reflectors that results in increased distorion of star images that increases closer to the edge of the field of view. Coma can be reduced with auxiliary optics, like the TeleVue Paracorr adapter.
Coma is Robin Cook's first published novel written in 1977. The book was a New York Times best seller and was also voted as the number one thriller of the year by the New York Times.
Coma is a 1978 mystery film based on the novel Coma by Robin Cook. The film rights were acquired by director Michael Crichton, and the movie was produced by Martin Erlichmann for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The cast included Geneviève Bujold, Michael Douglas, Elizabeth Ashley, Richard Widmark, and Rip Torn.
Coma (코마 ) is a five-part series co-produced by two South Korean firms, SIO Film and OCN. It is a horror-mystery film set in a hospital that is being shut down due to its dubious practices.
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A tuft or bunch, -- as the assemblage of branches forming the head of a tree; or a cluster of bracts when empty and terminating the inflorescence of a plant; or a tuft of long hairs on certain seeds.
Tuft of hairs at the ends of some seeds. Commissure. The contiguous surfaces of two carpels. Conduplicate. Folded lengthwise. Confluent. Blended together
n. (L. coma; Gr. kome, hair) a tuft of soft hairs, as at the apices or bases of seeds; a bunch of branches; a terminal cluster of bracts on a flowering stem, as in pineapples.
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Coma is a Polish rock band which was started in June 1998 in Łódź. In the end of 2003 they signed with BMG Poland what allowed them to record their first album Pierwsze wyjście z mroku(Leaving darkness for the first time).
"Coma" is the longest song by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. It appears on the 1991 album Use Your Illusion I and lasts over 10 minutes. The song showcases every facet of what made the band popular.
Coma is a well known Romanian nu-metal band. The band formed around 1999, and so far they have released two albums “Somn” (2001) and “Nerostitele” (2006).
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Lachrymator Syncope
A punction mark
a big question mark
a punctual mark a bit like a full stop
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A condition in which a child is unable to respond to voice, touch or pain. A child may move but this is usually an involuntary response. Comas may be caused by head trauma, diseases such as diabetes, poisoning, etc.
Patients are said to be in a coma if they are unable to obey simple commands, do not utter comprehensible words and do not open their eyes even in response to pain.
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a box in a manga , in which the mangaka draws his or her artwork
a state that doesn't involve sensory input at all, as far as medical science is concerned (though there is anecdotal evidence to the contrary)
a negative state which here is envisaged as a CONTAINER in which a person is trapped (cf
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computer tomography (CT) an imaging technique that uses X-rays and computer analysis to provide a picture of body tissues and structures.
a medical emergency
Committee on Medical Aspects of Food and Nutrition Policy
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a middle place between the living and the dead
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a natural part of the human healing process