Definitions for "Oersted"
The C. G. S. unit of magnetic reluctance or resistance, equal to the reluctance of a centimeter cube of air (or vacuum) between parallel faces. Also, a reluctance in which unit magnetomotive force sets up unit flux.
The unit of magnetic force in the centimeter, gram, second system of units. A unit of magnetic coercive force. Also used to define relative difficulty of erasing magnetic material.
The unit of magnetising force representing the magnetic field intensity at a distance of 1 centimetre in air or vacuum from the unit magnetic pole.
Oersted is a lunar crater that has been flooded by lava, leaving only a crescent-shaped rim with a gap to the southwest. The rim climbs to a maximum height of 1.7 km. This feature lies to the southeast of Atlas crater, and southwest of Chevallier crater.
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Danish physicist (1777-1851)
a measure of electrical energy required to encode transaction cards
Oersted (H)