Definitions for "ICP"
Inductive Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometerµç¸ÐÅ1/4
Inductively-coupled argon spectrometers
Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy - Technique for quantitating elements, in particular, metals. Sample must be digested in acid.
initial circulating pressure. the pressure at which a well that has been closed in on a kick is circulated when well-killing procedures are begun
Injection Control Pressure sensor Feedback input; The PCM monitors the high pressure oil system to determine if it needs to be increased if load demand increases. It also uses this to stabilize idle speed. volts in, [email protected], [email protected] PID: ICP (pressure), ICP V (voltage)
Intercranial pressure.
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The "Internet Cache Protocol" controls the communication of cache servers and proxy servers with clients.
Gensym's proprietary communications protocol, which allows G2s, G2 Gateways, and Telewindows to share information and distribute control among one or more G2 processes. ICP is a layer built on top of the DECnet or TCP/IP networking protocols, depending on which platforms you are using in your network.
Internet Caching Protocol; The not yet standardised protocol used for communication between web-caching servers.
See Integrated Communications Provider.
Integrated Communications Provider. A communications carrier that provides both network facilities and tailored packages for business including voice, data, and secure applications. These services are provided simultaneously through the same channel (such as a POTS, DSL, or cable line). Through an ICP, users are able to secure all their communications services from one provider and receive one, all-inclusive bill.
Integrated Communications Platform
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Incident Control Point
INCIDENT COMMAND POST. The location at which the primary command functions are executed and usually co-located with the Incident Base.
Incident Command Post. Location at which primary command functions are executed. The ICP may be co-located with the incident base or other incident facilities.
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Instituto das Comunicaçoes de Portugal
International Comparison Program
Institutional Controls Program
Indian Children's Program. A community based program that provides supplemental services such as evaluation, training, technical assistance, and limited therapy to Native American children age's birth to 21 years who have special needs and developmental disabilities.(Indians/brown skins, their children, toward them, deficient/needs, with them, work/service provided)
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CPT Code Inquiry (CHCS-Lab menu XTR ICP)
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Inter-Carrier Communication Process
Short for Inter Cuspal Position.
Introduction to Childminding Practice
Inventory Control Point
Inventory Control Program. LIAS automated circulation system.
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Indonesian crude price
The Installation Connection Point.
A unique identifier for a point of electricity connection for reconciliation purposes.
Installation Control Point. A point of connection on a local network or an embedded network which the distributor nominates as the point at which a retailer will be deemed to supply electricity to a consumer.
Instellingscontactpersoon (customer contact person)
An organization that prepares content for posting on the Web.
See Metal Content
A company that provides content to ISPs, generally for a fee.
International Center of Photography
International Cooperative Programme
Information and Communication Programme.
Intelligent Call Processing. A feature of ACDs that allows them to automatically route calls based on information from callers or from information retrieved from your database.
Individual Career Plan
Instructional Computing Plan.
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ICP may stand for