Definitions for "Mashup"
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In web development, a Mashup refers to a website that contains information from multiple sources (although this is usually quite seamless to the user). Sources can be (and often are) from third parties using web services.
an information source "mashed-up" with Google Maps
a web applica
"You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" "You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!" In Web tech circles, a mashup is any site, page, or module that combines two or more existing services out there on the Internet already. There are gobs of map mashups, for instance. Could be there's one that let's you plot out the density of convertibles with personalized licence plates near your zip code. In music circles, a mashup is when you take two songs and blend them into something wacky. We love wacky.
a digitally re-edited piece of music which interweaves two (or more) disparate songs into a new work
a home-spun mix of two or more songs, usually the lyrics from one overlayed on the backing music from another
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a relatively new term for a concept that has been around as long as APIs have existed