Definitions for "Intro"
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See "Debut."
a brief introductory passage to a piece of popular music
section found at the start of a piece of music
The beginning of an arrangement. It gradually introduces the song and slowly builds up musical tension. Jitter A tendency towards lack of synchronization caused by electrical changes. Technically the unexpected (and unwanted) phase shift of digital pulses over a transmission medium. A discrepancy between when a digital edge transition is supposed to occur and when it actually does occur - think of it as nervous digital, or maybe a digital analogy to wow and flutter. Kevlar Material developed by Dupont that is has an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Used extensively in bullet-proof vests, skis, sailboat hulls, etc. In audio, used in many variations for speaker cones.
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A video clip, often short, used at the start of a disc. Some common intros are THX, DTS, Dolby Digital sound bites with graphics or a countdown like the old movies. On a VCD you should ensure the length of the clip is at least 4 second for compliance with the specification.
A short video clip at the start of a DVD.
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The introductory section of a tune prior to the theme statement, or head.
Introduction. A composed section at the beginning of a tune, heard only once.
Introduction. The beginning or introductory portion of a production or production segment.
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Introduction Jackaroo -- Male ranch hand
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introduction screens hacked into a ROM
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Introduction (Usually to an anthology or another author's work)
contains all the files associated with registration and the Internet Misconceptions page.
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demo whose size is limited to e.g. 64 kilobytes; an introduction to some other program (e.g. crack intro to cracked game); introduction of some event or person
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(n) See anchor intro. See also lead-in.  (v) To introduce.
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Index and guide to functions
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A slang term for an introduction.
formally making a person known to another or to the public
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When a character makes it's first appearance.
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See introduction