Definitions for "PICS"
Platform for Internet Content Selection
Acronym for Platform for Internet Content Selection. A W3C technology that allows censorship of Web content based upon self regulating activities of browser owners setting up permissions and relying on a site's content text to equate with the permissions granted by the censorship authorities, such as parents. Requires parents to take initiative regardless of their ability to understand the process or if their browser has such capability built in.
Platform for Internet Content Selection (platform til valg af indhold fra Internettet). Specificering fra W3C som definerer indholdet af dit site til dine besøgende ved at tildele mærker (skal ikke forveksles med HTML mærker).
a scientific project jointly developed and proposed by two research teams, one belonging to a foreign-based research institution, the other to CNRS
Printing Industry Competitiveness Scheme
Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme - a close affiliate of PIC with identical aims except mutual recognition. Created for EC members who were previously with PIC
Private Industry Councils; local organizations under JTPA
products of incomplete combustion
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Pacific Island Countries.
protocol implementation conformance statement
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Pictures Quality S900
a written document, created by the manufacturer of a device, that