Definitions for "Clown"
The fool or buffoon in a play, circus, etc.
To act as a clown; -- with it.
a rude or vulgar fool
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a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior
"Clown" is the third single by nu-metal band Korn from their self-titled debut album. The video for this song, directed by McG actually referrs to lead singer Jonathan Davis painful experiences from highschool, where he was constantly picked on and ridiculed. The song itself is about how people try to be something they're not in order to be accepted instead of just being themselves.
Clown (Greek script: Κλόουν) was the Greek entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1988, performed in Greek by Afroditi Frida. The song was performed fourteenth on the night (following Denmark's Kirsten & Søren with Ka' Du Se Hva' Jeg Sa'? and preceding Norway's Karoline Krüger with For Vår Jord). At the close of voting, it had received 10 points, placing 17th in a field of 21.
a funny person trying to be normal
a representation of what anyone would not like to be and that is apparently funny
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A man of coarse nature and manners; an awkward fellow; an ill-bred person; a boor.
a little more interesting as it seems to make reference to the free-spirited nature of the Rainbow Tribe Of Living Light that Savage is a devout believer in
term used to describe a recessive condition in Ball Pythons and other species that results in a vibrant yellow coloration with abnormal head colors in most cases.
Clowns are stereotypically characterized by their colored afro wigs, stylistic makeup, outlandish costumes, and unusually large footwear. These features, however, are not what make a clown. Clowning, in its most basic form, can be described as drama without a fourth wall.
a mirthful critic, a debunker of stuffiness and tyranny
Switchman or yard brakeman. Clown wagon is caboose.
a walking, breathing Looney Tune character come to life
The Clown is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
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a warrior who fights gloom
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a beacon of love, and life, and joyfulness
A clown in your cup predicts carefree lifestyle with no worries.
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a poet in action
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One who works upon the soil; a rustic; a churl.
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a fun addition to any picnic, and he or she can do a magic show, make balloon animals, play games, and do face painting
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an angel with a red nose
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an old friend