Definitions for "CRITIC"
One skilled in judging of the merits of literary or artistic works; a connoisseur; an adept; hence, one who examines literary or artistic works, etc., and passes judgment upon them; a reviewer.
One who passes a rigorous or captious judgment; one who censures or finds fault; a harsh examiner or judge; a caviler; a carper.
A specialist in judging plays.
a legless man who teachers running
a legless man who teaches running" Channing Pollock "Live your imagination, not your history" Steven Covey "This is my life, to live as I choose" Terry Cole Whitaker "I know you are
a legless man who teaching running
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A person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him. There is a land of pure delight, Beyond the Jordan's flood, Where saints, apparelled all in white, Fling back the critic's mud. And as he legs it through the skies, His pelt a sable hue, He sorrows sore to recognize The missiles that he threw. Orrin Goof
a man created to praise greater men than himself but he is never able to find them
Critic is the official magazine of the Otago University Student Association (OUSA) of the University of Otago. It is freely available around both the university's campus and selected sites in Dunedin city weekly during term time. Now A4 in page size, it was tabloid in size until 2002, when it went quarterfold (around A4 size).
a gong at a railroad crossing clanging loudly and vainly as the train goes by
a person who goes onto the battlefield after the battle has been fought and shoots the survivors
Well everyone's a critic, as they say, and some get paid for it. A critic’s job is not necessarily to declare a production a hit or miss but to discuss it thoughtfully, with the advantage of broad theatrical knowledge and experience, in a way that may help elucidate it for readers. Here at the Rep we love the critics, so long as they're fair
a reader who ruminates
A process within ArgoUML that provides suggestions as to how the design might be improved. Suggestions are based on principles within three theories of cognitive psychology, reflection-in action, opportunistic design and comprehension and problem solving.
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an ass unable to think, Sniffing other asses, unaware of his own stink
The art of criticism.
a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
an accredited journalist with a reputation and expertise in a particular field, such as dance, music, theatre or visual art
a fully known researcher in Mediaeval Studies fields, whose help and opinions are asked for by the members of the Romanian Group for an Alternative History
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An act of criticism; a critique.
a person that if a person gets out of line, he should correct them and still accept it
a person who can conceive the possibility of giving implicit or repressed meanings to films
a person who pays attention to every detail you do
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a bunch of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste
See reviewer.
Individual who publishes a review of a movie from either an artistic or entertainment point of view.
a writer who reviews plays.
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a back seat driver who drives the driver mad
a source of discouragement to those who are actually working
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Of or pertaining to critics or criticism; critical.
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a vital part of the process
a system that gives context-sensitive advice regarding a product under development
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To criticise; to play the critic.