Definitions for "CDN"
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abbreviation for the Coin Dealer Newsletter (also known as the “Grey Sheet”).
Coin Dealer Newsletter (also known as the 'Grey Sheet'). Get Site info
Short for Coin Dealer Newsletter
Common Digital Network
Content Delivery Network. A network of servers optimised for supplying data to each individual client. Servers are normally set up to supply content to geographical areas, or bypass bottlenecks by using alternative routes from point to point.
Consolidated Data Network
ontent elivery etwork. Relates to internet based storage services which provide agreed service levels and performance. Storage Services
Acronym for Controlled directory number, a special directory number that allows calls arriving at the switch to be queued when the CDN is controlled by an application such as Symposium Call Center Server. When a call arrives at this number, the switch notifies the application and waits for routing instructions, which are performed by scripts in Symposium Call Center Server.
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